Thursday, July 3, 2008

California coming up

Another trip to California coming up and a visit to Capitola where my camera and I go crazy with resource material for my art. One glance at this boy in front of the store window and I immediately thought of "The Sirens" of classical myth.


Jean said...

Hi~ Lia's mom here again. Like your pic from what I gather is Capitola. Love that little town. We stumbled in one time when we were on a trip and were looking for a place to spend the night. We'd never been there before and really enjoyed. Karen hasn't posted for awhile..have you heard from her? Know that she is teaching at "camp" for a couple of they don't have internet there. Am following Lisa and Matt's blog too..They are in Thailand now. ~ Jean

"JeanneG" said...

Hi Betty. I am a friend of Jean's (Lisa's mom). I too work in colored pencils. It's nice to see your work. Haven't seen a bunny hop in years. The one of your mom is very engaging. Nice that you captured her in a look that you didn't normally see. What paper/canvas) do you use?